Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ethnic Art Decor - Clay Geometric Sculpture

In the above video introduces a new era of Ethnic Artwork inspired by the Olmec Head Statues of Mexico. This brand artistic expression comes from the mind of underground sculpture artist Garth Harvey.

Why the cube?

The cube is one of the most profound geometric shapes that has been used to help develop humanity's existence. So utilizing the cube was the best shape to help bring and display the interpretation of Olmec style art.

Each clay sculpture is unique and was hand crafted using the medium of clay, copper leaf and charcoal. According to Mr Harvey he was inspired to create art that has ancient feel with modern touch due to his travels abroad visiting many of human history's greatest cultures. If you are interested in seeing more art by Garth Harvey you  can follow him him on the following social media outlets below

instagram: @murenergyart

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